All Out!! Staffel 1

Kenji Gion ist ein kleiner Schüler des ersten Jahres der Highschool. An seinem ersten Tag an der Kanagawa Prefectural High School trifft er den großen Sumiaki Iwashimizu, während eines Rugbyspiels. Kenji freundet sich mit Sumiaki an und tritt schon bald dem Rugby-Club bei.


Anime-Sport Action Drama Comedy


2016 - Unbekannt


Keine Angabe




Kenichi Shimizu


Shingo Irie

1 This Year's First-Years Are Hilarious
2 I Want to Tackle Someone
3 What's Most Important
4 What Should I Do?
5 What's Lacking
6 Giving Everything You've Got
7 I Want to Be Able to Do Everything
8 Ball Games
9 You've Gotten Stronger
10 I Ate Too Much Shaved Ice
11 You Have No Feel for the Game
12 Joint Practice
13 Let's Go to Ryogoku Together
14 X Day
15 Teammate
16 You`ve Prepared
17 Summer Training Camp
18 Study
19 I`m Not Crying
20 Aren`t You Happy?
21 Good Luck Charm
22 Your Turf
23 My Friend Taught Me
24 The Opponent We Never Could`ve Fought
25 All Out