Battle Spirits - Shounen Toppa Bashin Staffel 1

Der Sechstklässler Toppa Bashin hat von seinem Vater einen mysteriösen Anhänger in Form eines roten Steins erhalten. Eines Tages triff er auf J. Sawaragi, den mehrfachen Turniersieger, der einen ähnlichen weißen Stein besitzt. Er fordert Toppa zu einem Battle-Spirits-Kampf im Parallel-Universum »Isekai« heraus. Dort sind die Battle-Spirits real


Anime Comedy Game


2008 - 2021


Keine Angabe


Sunrise, Toei Animation


Hongou Mitsuru, Nishimori Akira


Satou Dai, Tomioka Atsuhiro

1 Front Breaking Bashin Enters Stage!
2 The Rival`s Name is J
3 Parents Day in the Stormy Course of Life
4 The Idol is My Sunshine
5 The Athletics Meet is Trouble
6 Card Battler Hospital Visit
7 Shut up the Uproar
8 Break Through From the Front at the Field Trip
9 Okyou`s Labyrinth?
10 Big Maze is Big Trouble
11 The Great Batosupi Operation
12 Unidentified Unknown Invitation
13 Arrival of the Gunslinger`s Apparition!
14 First Final is Smile After Tears
15 A Faulted Perfect Christmas
16 The Day Aibou Disappeared
17 My First Sunshine
18 Break Through From the Front in Winter
19 Thrilling Tag Rivals
20 A Broken Friendship is a Constant Disagreement
21 My Sunshine Valentine
22 Being a Nazo Otona was His Secret
23 Last Days as an Elementary Schooler
24 Spring Batosupi- A Yellow Storm
25 A Flash of Light- The Cornerstone`s Awakening
26 Batosupi Under the Sakura
27 Pink and Amadeus
28 j,Trip to a Town of Romance
29 Middle School Uniforms New School Uniforms
30 Thriving Spirits Batosupi Club
31 A Student Council for Batosupi
32 A Letter From the Speed Star
33 Aim for the Weak Point for the Advisor Too!
34 The Treacherous Training Camp Jack
35 Break Through From the Front of Tests and Fathers
36 Hot Blooded Batosupi Club at the Capital
37 The Spirit of Aibou`s Group
38 Rapid Loop Pool
39 Deep Close Contact with the Opposing Team- The Curtain Raised?
40 Break Through- The Space Between Family and Team
41 Confrontation! Black Knight and Queen will Definitely be Finished
42 Settlement- In Jack`s Night, Death is Rebirth
43 The Revived Master is a Blue Comet
44 Surfing, Sun and Striker
45 Break Through From the Front in Summer
46 The Cornerstone Six- Disappearance the Day Before the Finals
47 Break Through From the Front Showtime- The Curtain Raised!
48 The Last Opponent Nine- The Last Battle
49 Take it From the Life! Shine, Cornerstone`s Settlement!
50 Miracle Card Battler- Bashin Breaks Through From the Front!