Black Jack Staffel 1

Black Jack alias Kuroo Hazama gilt als der beste Chirurg der Welt. Obwohl er keine Lizenz zum Praktizieren besitzt, genießt er einen ausgezeichneten Ruf und schafft es selbst die kompliziertesten und mysteriösesten Fälle zu lösen. Doch das hat seinen Preis…


Anime Drama Mystery


2004 - 2006


Keine Angabe


Tezuka Productions


Makoto Tezuka


Osamu Tezuka

1 The Missing Needle
2 The Ant's Legs
3 The Dog Thief
4 Playing Doctor
5 The Sixth-Magnitude Man
6 A Teacher and a Pupil
7 White Lion
8 The Miracle Arm
9 Moraimizu
10 Legend of the Phoenix
11 The Gift from a Killer Whale
12 Give My Brother Back!
13 A Pirate's Arm
14 Move, Solomon
15 The Fabricated Wedding
16 Missing Pinoko
17 The Idol Who Lost Her Voice
18 Mail Friends
19 Good Luck, Kowa Clinic
20 The Sage of Yamate Line
21 First Storm of Spring
22 Pinoko's Plans for Adulthood
23 Love after the Downpour
24 A Challenge called Avalanche
25 Cholera Uproar
26 Abacus Genius
27 Tragedy of an Ultra-fine Room
28 Wilderness Epidemic
29 The Life-Arranging Flower
30 Operation in the Midst of Thunder Clouds
31 20th Year Implication
32 The Blue Sea's Fear
33 Invader from the Sky
34 Shaking Operating Room
35 Jack Hospital
36 Misaki's House is Incomplete
37 Iruka and Gang
38 Challenge to an Unknown Person
39 War Will Continue
40 Doll and Policeman
41 Operation and A Movie's Miracle
42 Life's Misdiagnosis
43 Shrink!
44 Pinoko's Birth
45 Merry Drinker's Classmates
46 Cultural Festival Bodyguard
47 Snow Field's Violin
48 Robin Boy
49 The Carbuncle's Motives
50 Siblings Torn Apart
51 The Rumoured Acupuncturist
52 Split-Second Eyewitness
53 Locker's Cradle
54 The Fortunes And Misfortunes Of The Deceitful Parent And Child
55 The Platform Of Life
56 The Skin Donor
57 Pinoko's Exam Diary
58 The Old Man And The Big Tree
59 Black Queen
60 The Encounter Between The Two With A Past
61 The Two Pinokos