Bonobono | Bono Bono Staffel 1

Der junge Otter Bonobono freundet sich neben einem Streifenhörnchen und einer Katze mit vielen weiteren Waldbewohnern an. Auch wenn die Serie größtenteils lustig angehaucht ist, werden auch hier und da philosophische Fragestellungen, wie zum Beispiel der Sinn des Lebens, diskutiert.


Anime Comedy


2016 - Unbekannt


Keine Angabe




Hidenori Yamaguchi


Mikio Igarashi

1 The Sea Is a Place to Play Alone
2 My Tooth Hurts, It Really Hurts
3 I Want to Climb a Tree
4 Where`s Prairie Dog?
5 Dreams Are Strange
6 Raccoon Has Made Up His Mind
7 I Got My Own Island
8 My Dad`s and My House
9 Chewingyo with Everyone
10 How Does A Cold Get Better?
11 I'm Staying Home by Myself Today
12 Something Valuable Has Been Stolen
13 Scary Ideas Are Scary
14 My Rock Broke
15 Sometimes I Feel Lonely
16 I Walk a Lot
17 Chipmunk's Sisters
18 What We Think Is Fun To Do
19 The Sights Inside Me
20 Fishing Cat at Play
21 Chipmunk's Duel
22 What I Once Had
23 Fenny Goes Aaah
24 The Big Rock of the Rock Tree
25 What the Clouds Bring
26 Sis is Back
27 About Bats
28 Fishing Cat Has Fun
29 Is Badger Strange?
30 Let`s Walk the Path
31 Chipmunk Finds the Culprit
32 Has It Really Been Fun, Lately?
33 Dad Likes to Go On Journeys
34 I Can`t Catch Fish
35 I Want to See a Landslide
36 Sis`s Errand
37 How Do I Become Self-Reliant?
38 What Chipmunk Learned
39 Let`s Play at Divine Punishment
40 I Want to Meet My Twin
41 It`s a Secret to Kids
42 Let`s Sow Seeds with Chipmunk
43 A Sprout Appeared!
44 A Boring Story
45 What`s a Hobby?
46 Dad`s Friend
47 Fishing Cat Is Gone
48 Find Fishing Cat
49 I Like Walks
50 Sis Has a Problem
51 Raccoon Is Bored
52 Let`s Go Meet a Twin
53 The Day Fishing Cat Came
54 Something Terrible Will Happen
55 The Day Something Terrible Happens
56 Fenny Turns Delinquent
57 Did Someone Throw This Away?
58 Everybody Sleeps Outside
59 Waterfalls Are Amazing
60 It`s Tough Being a Father
61 Raccoon Looks For a House
62 Let`s Go See a Paw
63 Holes Start Appearing
64 Let`s Play with Baby Bear
65 About the Kirokiro Bug
66 Raccoon Makes Up His Mind Again
67 Everybody`s a Weird Creature
68 Yeah, It`s Summer
69 The Boss Is Here
70 I Caught a Fish
71 A Super-Funny Story
72 A Ghost Appeared!
73 Let`s Think Up a New Game
74 About Poposu
75 I Go on a Journey
76 Chipmunk`s Rival
77 Ear Cleaning Is Fun
78 Let`s Be Friends with the Wind
79 What You Need and What You Don`t Need
80 This Isn`t Good!
81 Episode 81
82 Chipmunk Is a Great Detective
83 Let`s Try Cooking
84 The Stomachache
85 The Mountain Where a Monster Lives
86 Raccoon Lost
87 Raccoon and Akaka
88 Big Sis Won`t Leave
89 Why Do We Smack into Each Other?
90 Songs Don`t Stop
91 The Happy Ladybug
92 Yamabii`s Face
93 The Secret of the Putaway Man
94 I Still Couldn`t Swim Yet
95 A Big Noise!
96 There`s a Fish
97 The Phantom Leaf
98 Find Big Sis Shouu!
99 About UMA
100 Can You Tell What I`m Thinking?