Candy Candy Staffel 1

Vor langer Zeit gab es ein Waisenmädchen, welches auf einem kleinen Hügel stand und weinte. Zu dieser Zeit traf sie ihren Prinzen, einen gutaussehenden Jungen, der auf sie zuging und ihr sagte, dass sie statt zu weinen lieber lächeln solle. Diese Erinnerung hat das Mädchen auch nach sieben Jahren noch nicht vergessen, während sie den Weg zur Selbstfindung beschreitet. Sie glaubt fest daran, dass sie ihren Prinzen eines Tages wieder treffen und wahres Glück erfahren wird.


Anime Comedy


1976 - 1979


Keine Angabe


Kanetake Ochiai


Hiroshi Shidara


Noboru Shiroyama

1 The pretty lasso-wielding girl
2 Take off! Adventuring Together
3 A Good-bye from the carriage
4 You're cute when you smile!
5 From Today, I'll be a princess?
6 The person I met at the rose gates
7 Am I elegant?
8 Invitation of happiness
9 The dance where I met him
10 The barn princess
11 A small ribbon connecting hearts
12 A rose-scented birthday
13 The lonesome three
14 Springtime wind on the big tree
15 The decision which took away my happiness
16 Departure to an unknown country
17 On the distant, dry wastelands
18 Fate-guiding cross
19 At the end of the difficult journey
20 Happy like in a dream
21 [Derzeit nichtverfügbar]
22 Don't give up, Anthony!
23 The first date
24 My Anthony
25 Transcending the sadness for the sake of tomorrow
26 Father-tree knows
27 A present of angels
28 Scar on the healed soul
29 Setting out on a voyage towards hope
30 Love transcends raging waves
31 A new day in the old capital
32 Pony's hill in prison
33 A wrinkled transferee
34 The inverted envelope
35 A wonderful Sunday
36 Revived smiles
37 A wondrous encounter
38 The secret of Terrius
39 A treasure which caused anger
40 Freely leaving the contemplation room
41 Fairy of the school festival
42 A midnight picnic
43 Summer school at the shore of a lake
44 The link between a mother and a child
45 White party for two
46 Excitement at the end of the summer
47 Eliza's trap
48 Within the cold, thick walls
49 Terry's decision
50 Departure shrouded by the morning mist
51 Long way to the port
52 The star I saw from the barn
53 The dawn at Mount Rodney
54 Night fog at the Southampton port
55 Two Stowaways
56 On the Other Shore of the Stormy Sea
57 The Port Through the Window
58 Silvery Homeland
59 One Day as a Naughty Teacher
60 Determined Footsteps That Resound in One's Heart
61 The Sob Underneath the Snow
62 Steam Whistle Towards New Frontiers
63 The Granny in the Street
64 The Angel in White is a Dim-Wit
65 The Smiling Nurse
66 Grandfather From Dreams
67 Where is She?
68 Scattering Flower Petals of Springtime
69 White Rose of Memories
70 [Derzeit nicht verfügbar]
71 Mr. Sailor on the Hill
72 The Young Lady at the Special Care Ward
73 Rumors About Terrius
74 Heading to the Hospital in a Big City
75 Grandfather's Mansion
76 The Cabin of Old Memories
77 A Dangerous Garden Party
78 Terry's Melody
79 The Shadow Under the Spotlight
80 A Moment of Reunion
81 Faceless Terrius
82 Flowers from the Heart
83 The Ghost Who Played Cards
84 Angels Under the Shadow of War
85 The Family with Love and Hatred
86 The Man Who Forgets His Past
87 Two People's Trial
88 The Day We Fly Towards the Sky
89 The Vanished Mr. Albert
90 A Little Castle in the City
91 Far From Reach But Near at Hand
92 A Treatment Stimulated by Love
93 A Cupid With Wrinkles
94 A Trip with a Partner
95 A Beautiful Competitor
96 An Invitation with a One Way Ticket
97 The Desired Reunion in the Dream
98 The Opening Bell that Touched the Heart
99 The Separation on a Snowy Day
100 The Platform of Sorrow
101 A Thread of Subtle Recollections
102 The Cross on Pony's Hill
103 A Long and Life-risking Journey
104 A Clinic That Doesn't Need Angels
105 A Kind Fugitive
106 Yet Another Murderer
107 A Special Menu For One Hundred People
108 Sounds of Joy Roar in The Valley
109 The Tears of The Little Cowboy
110 A Nuisance Love
111 Reviving Past Every Day
112 Whereabouts of Each Love
113 Person Who Leaves
114 The Day That I Can See The Lord
115 Pony's Hill is a Flower and Full-bloomed