Dirty Pair Staffel 1

Die World Welfare Works Association hilft den Mitgliedersystemen der United Galactica Federation, verschiedene Probleme auf planetarischer Ebene gewinnbringend anzugehen, indem sie Agenten namens Trouble Consultant entsendet. Ein Team von Problemberatern aus dieser Abteilung namens Kei und Yuri, die den Ruf haben, Spuren der Zerstörung hinterlassen zu haben, ist öffentlich als "Dirty Pair" bekannt.


Anime Comedy Abenteuer


1985 - 1985


Keine Angabe




Takizawa Toshifumi


Keine Angabe

1 We'll Teach You How To Kill A Computer
2 Do Lovely Angels Prefer Chest Hair?
3 Go Ahead, Fall For Me. Love Is A Russian Roulette
4 Pursuit Smells of Death & Cheesecake
5 The Heartbeat of Creados
6 Many Dangers, Many Dummies
7 Love Is Everything, Risk Your Life on Escape
8 A Woman's Love Is An Explosive Thing!
9 Please Employ Us! Its Better to Have Beautiful Bodyguards!
10 What? We're The Brutal Bodyguards
11 Ho Ho Ho. Dresses And Men Are Better Now
12 The Little Dictator
13 What In The World Is This? My Smooth Skin Is A Mess
14 Vault And Voting? Speech Day is Murder Day
15 Keep On Digging. A Fortune Comes At The End
16 Trust Us On That. 3WA Is A Great Job
17 Come Out, Come Out, Assassin.
18 Bulldoze Our Way Through Enemy Lines!
19 A Love Grudge. Let Me Love You Without Paying Off An Old Score
20 Memorial Blues is the BGM of Murder
21 Unbelievable! 463 Passengers Disappeared!
22 Excellent! 463 Passengers Return.
23 I Feel Uneasy? Our Elegant Revenge
24 Address For Danger
25 The Boy In The Mansion Is A Terminator?
26 The Beauties' Cannon is an Escape Keyword