Dragon Collection Staffel 1

Arata war einfach nur ein normaler High-School Schüler, bis zu jenem Tag. An jenem besagten Tag gerät er in das Handyspiel »Dragon Collection«. Seine einzige Fähigkeit ist das Glück, das er immer hat. Doch mit solch einer Fertigkeit soll er diese neue Welt erobern ...?


Anime-Isekai Comedy Fantasy


2014 - 2015


Keine Angabe




Kawaguchi Keiichirou


Kasahara Kuniaki, Sogo Masashi

1 What`s Going On!? DraColle!
2 A Weirdo Has Arrived!
3 Yet Another Weirdo Has Arrived!
4 Octopus Extermination at Mysen Castle!
5 Combination? What`s That!?
6 The Endlessly Pesky Green Pepper Gang!
7 What`s That? A Monster Dispenser!
8 Run! Hiro and Rei!
9 Looks Like a Traveler in Trouble!
10 Smash the Green Pepper Gang!
11 The Young Master and the Slick Trickster?!
12 The Captain Stinks?!
13 The Evil Bizarreda Triangle!
14 Pirate King Doc Rowe!
15 Captain Yut`s Ambition!
16 Me Versus Me!?
17 Shiver Me Timbers! Pirates?!
18 Fusion? I Don`t Believe It!
19 Co Uta Mara Strikes Back Big-Time!
20 Farewell, Lanche
21 Uh-Oh, We`re in Ohto!
22 The Darkness Grimoire!
23 Dragonia Battle Tournament!
24 Farewell, Rei!
25 Papi? Papi Papi!
26 No Way?! Shin Evolves?!
27 Burn Up! Meatmania!
28 No Way! Hiro Evolves, Too?!
29 Fierce Fight! The Flame-Filled Final Round!
30 This Is Bad! Rebirth of the Evil God?!
31 Three Altars? A Puzzling Message!
32 Peeved! Peeved! Papi!
33 So Ripped! Side Chest?!
34 Shock! This Is the Key?!
35 It`s My Ma!
36 Tee-Hee! I`m Forever Seventeen!
37 Why Don`t I Get a Hunch?!
38 Big Battle at the Undersea Temple!
39 Forced Confession! It`s Yuna`s Secret!
40 Where`s That? The Tartarus Gate!
41 Tell Us, Nastasya!
42 The Dragon Wing Is Burning?!
43 Set Sail! Darkskull!
44 Really?! Rei Evolves, Too?!
45 Danger! Nine Dragons!
46 The Evil God Descends!!
47 Shudder! The Epic Battle!
48 Evil! The Wickedest Dragon!
49 Advent of the Chaos God Drake!
50 Dragon Master!
51 Time for Guts! Meatmania!