Ganbarist! Shun | Ganba Fly High Staffel 1

Der japanische Oberschüler Shun Fujimaki träumt schon immer davon, eine Goldmedaille bei Olympischen Spielen zu gewinnen und zwar in der Disziplin Turnen. In der Hoffnung, dass sein Traum sich bald erfüllen wird, trainiert er sehr hart im Turnverein seiner Schule...Wird er es schaffen, sein Ziel zu erreichen?


Anime Drama Comedy Sport


1996 - 1997


Keine Angabe




Kamegaki Hajime


Chiba Katsuhiko

1 Why!? Competition with zero practice
2 So terrible! What a terrible horse-vaulting!
3 Hold up! The demonic handstand.
4 That's it! The sunset backward flip.
5 Decide! A performance I'll win if you accept our challenge
6 Who?! The myth of Granny Gymnastics
7 The super G battle plan
8 The transferred student-Sariko
9 I don't believe it. Captain is quitting.
10 Ganba Fly High Fun Training
11 No! The ultimate kill, headstand!
12 The best form.
13 They will fall for sure.
14 The Prince of Floor Exercice's soaring technique
15 Heisei High has only the single beam segment left
16 all the way to Tokyo station
17 Training! Your level is equal, the Heisei High.
18 I am determined.
19 My hopes are dashed. Shun's tears and the blood-stained horizontal bar.
20 Resurrection! The first step towards new hopes.
21 The problem lies with the height.
22 He's such a stern coach.
23 It begins. Young players rights
24 Floor Prince! Magnificent white bird feast
25 Overturn! An amazing new bar
26 Strenght skills! The rings of Herakles
27 It can't be... Uchida died from a difficult horse-vaulting.
28 It's Captains turn now... Safety first.
29 An exciting fight between the beams.
30 Towards the gold medal. FLY HIGH