HenSemi Staffel 1

[Ger Sub] Matsutaka Nanako ist eine normale Studentin, die sich in ein Seminar für abnormale Physiologie einschreibt. Sie versucht, ihren Geisteszustand beizubehalten, aber durch ihre Mitstudenten, die alle nicht so ganz normal sind, wird sie stark beeinflusst.


Anime Comedy


2011 - 2011


Keine Angabe




Takao Kato


HItomi Mieno

1 Study on the World Events as Seen from Unbiased Advocates
2 Study on the Hedonistic Aspects of Food and Taste
3 Study on the Sense of Virtue in Social Comparison
4 Study on the Difference in Happiness and that of the Person Receiving the Service to the Population
5 Study on the Family Dynamics that Influence Personality Development
6 Study on the Impulsive Action and Threatened Action in Extreme Conditions
7 Study on the Relationship Between Direct and Reliable to Depend on the Specific Relationship
8 Study on the Characteristic Quality and the Sense of Self-growth by Childhood Experiences
9 Study on the Self-observation and Self-disclosure Subjective
10 Study on the Psychological Impact of Indirect Contact
11 Study on the Psychological and Physical Effects of Suppressed Desires
12 Study on Coping With a Particular Expression of Love From Someone
13 Study on Impartial Advocates Harbouring 'Love