Hetalia: Axis Powers Staffel 1

Italien, ehemals eines der einflussreichsten Mächte der Welt, hat sich verändert. Erzählt wird die Geschichte von »Italien«, der nun ein Pasta liebender Feigling ist. Zusammen mit seinen Freunden, die alle jeweils ein Land verkörpern, erlebt er skurrile Momente quer durch die Weltgeschichte.

Staffel 2: Hetalia: World Series
Staffel 3: Hetalia: The Beautiful World
Staffel 4: Hetalia: The World Twinkle

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Anime Comedy


2009 - 2015


Keine Angabe


Studio Deen


Bob Shirohata


Hidekaz Himaruya

1 Meeting of the World
3 Italy's song
4 Meet Japan
5 Shouting S.O.S at the Center of the World!
6 Roasting Marshmallows
7 Introducing Romano
8 Italy Kidnapped
9 Allied Forces Meeting
10 France Reflects
11 Holy Roman Empire Ultimatum
12 England, I Have Something to Tell You
13 Summoning the Devil
14 Supermarket Chaos
15 Strange Foreign Culture and Behaviors
16 China Meets Japan
17 America's Storage Room Cleaning, Part 1
18 The Allied Forces Make Their Move
19 Top Secret Plans
20 America's Storage Room Cleaning, Part 2
21 Sealand
22 Holy Roman Empire Departs for War
23 Liechtenstein and Italy's Embarrassing Situation
24 Switzerland and Liechtenstein Run into Austria
25 England Raises the Young America
26 Busby's Chair
27 Germany's Diary
28 Xmas and the Allies
29 Vodka and Parachutes
30 England Sees Japan's Creatures
31 Academy Hetalia Christmas
32 Germany and Grandpa Rome
33 Wish on a Star
34 Germany in Italy
35 Canada's Missing
36 America and Japan in the Spring
37 Russia is Germany's New Best Friend?
38 More Canada
39 Everyone Wants America
40 Everyone Wants America 2
41 France's War Style
42 Russia's Sisters
43 Russia's Sisters 2
44 Canada and Switzerland's Aggression
45 Liechtenstein Begins
46 England and France's History
47 England Visits Poland and Bemoans America
48 England's Secret Weapon
49 Japan Westernizes and Canada Flies
50 Japan Keeps Westernizing
51 America and Ghosts
52 Holy Rome and More Canada