Heybot! Staffel 1

Der Anime spielt auf dem schraubenförmigen Inselstaat Nejigajima und begleitet die beiden „Bokyabots“ Hebot und den Yurui-Prinzen Nejiru beim Sammeln verschiedener „Bokya Neji“-Schrauben. Wenn die Bokyabots die Bokya Neji-Schrauben auf dem Kopf tragen, können sie an „Bokya Battles“ teilnehmen, Kämpfen darum, wer sich die besten Witze ausdenken und erzählen kann.


Anime Science-Fiction Comedy Fantasy


2016 - 2017


Keine Angabe


Bandai Namco Pictures


Ishihira Shinji


Tomioka Atsuhiro

1 HeyBot Is Born with a Hey-Boom!
2 Screw-Ya Versus VocaReemans!
3 Scary-Scary! It`s My First Scary Story!
4 The Art of the Bonehead! How to Raise a Screw Tree!
5 Hey, Heybot`s Missing, Y`Know!
6 Rushing Out! The VocaBattle Race!
7 Heybot Makes More with a Sneeze!
8 Decisive Battle! Groovy-Groovy Island!
9 Heybot`s a Baby, Burble!
10 Saturn Is Hell!
11 Mystery! The Cursed Screw Island
12 Heybot`s You-Know-What Is Swollen
13 Scrape, Plop
14 A Bonehead Castaway`s Tale?!
15 The Screw Island Chronicle Scroll
16 Danger! It`s Vocammy`s Turn!
17 Where There`s a Screw, There`s a Bonehead
18 Nejiru Goes to School
19 Let`s Rock to Steaming Rock `n` Roll!
20 Heybot Style Kitchen Battle?!
21 Pixels That Bug Up Time
22 Riscrewing Sun!
23 They`re After the Screw Soul!
24 Big Brother x Little Brother
25 The Shooting Star That Slipped Up and Flopped
26 Prince of Imochin
27 Heybot and Peyket`s Trip Through Hell
28 Farewell, My Beloved Moe-Kath!
29 It`s Just Fine! It`s Totally Awesome!
30 I Can`t Forget
31 Increwctus
32 Kidnapping, Youcapping, Catburglaring?!
33 Brush Your Teeth! Beef, Runaway Cavities!
34 Screwed Away
35 The Call of Innsmouth Beach
36 The Flip, Flip, Flip of Love!
37 Do Cyber-Rats Dream of Loser Vocabots?
38 When All Twelve Are Together, Things Get Serious!
39 Queen Naguri Returns!
40 The Courtroom Files of Lawyer Vocammy!
41 The Bonehead Style Grand Getaway!
42 We Are Screws
43 Screw Fist VocaFest in Screw Island!
44 Heybot: The Movie! Wait, What`s That?
45 Jaggy Jaggy the Screw Mountain
46 Working Screws
47 Everything Becomes N
48 Screw Island`s Last Day
49 Goodbye, Heybot
50 The World of Sunday