Itoshi no Muco | Lovely Muuuuuuuco! Staffel 1

Lovely Muuuuuuuco! Erzählt die Geschichte des Akita-Hundes Muco und seines Besitzers, dem Glasbläser Komatsu-san.


Anime Comedy


2015 - Unbekannt


Keine Angabe




Romanov Higa


Takayuki Mizushina

1 Shiny Nosed Muco Loves Komatsu-san
2 Let's Go for a Car Ride! Muco Becomes the Wind
3 We Have a Customer! Muco's Tummy Growls with Jealousy
4 Wait!
5 I Love Walks Today We Take A Different Path
6 Summer Is Here! Typhoons, Fireworks, and Cold Packs
7 The Hottest Day of the Summer!
8 Stick
9 Ushikoi
10 Rena's Glass Blowing Experience
11 Ushicou, Keep an Eye on the Shop
12 All About the Snow, Etc.
13 Christmas Date with Shinohara-san!
14 First Sunrise
15 The Snowplow Brings Misery
16 The Thaw
17 The Path To Mastery is Lined With Thorns
18 A Fight, I Cant Afford To Lose
19 Muco Wont Stop Growling
20 Komatsu-san, the Morning Glories Are Blooming!
21 I Love Fireworks!
22 A Fated Encounter: Ushicou, Komatsu, and Salad Bowl
23 Powers Awaken! The Ability to Enter the Pond Unnoticed
24 Enter Tamaki-kun! Why Ushicou Cried
25 Muco and Komatsu-otome