Jigoku Sensei Nube | Hell Teacher Nube Staffel 1

Auf den ersten Blick ist Nube ein tollpatschiger, lässiger und vor allem netter Lehrer, doch er trägt ein Geheimnis unter dem Handschuh seiner linken Hand. Er ist weitaus mehr als ein normaler Lehrer, nämlich ein professioneller Exorzist. Mit seiner Monsterhand und seiner Fähigkeit, Geister und böse Seelen aufzuspüren, versucht er die Stadt und seine Schüler vor den drohenden Gefahren zu schützen.


Anime Horror Comedy Romantik Abenteuer Fantasy


1996 - 1997


Keine Angabe


Toei Animation


Kaizawa Yukio


Okano Takeshi

1 The Terrifying New School Term! The Mysterious Demon Claw
2 Hanako-san of the Toilet Has Appeared!
3 Cannot Shut Out the Rumors! The Talkative Ghost, the Terrifying Five-tongues!
4 Prohibited?! Kappa the Water Demon Came Out Under the Tetsubou
5 The Seven Mysteries in School, the Magical 13 Stairs
6 Nube Dead?! Strongest Rival, Youko Tamamo
7 Demon Hand VS Fire Circle Tail Technique
8 UFO Attacks! Aliens Approach on Warabemori City
9 Class 5-3 Big Panic! Big Breast 6-feet Neck Woman
10 Outbreak of Devils! Studious Children Be Careful
11 Scoop! Nube is Married to Yukime!?
12 Terrifying Outing! Mystery of Hell Gate Ridge
13 The Classroom Transforms Into a Lethal Weapon!? Curse of the Demon Blade
14 Two Kyoukos!? Doppelganger Terror
15 Yukime Returns! Freezing Mission in Summer
16 The Demon Claw Cannot Be Used!! Freak in the Old School Hostel
17 Poolside Romance... Spirit at the 4th Course
18 Fox Demon, Tamamo, Resurrects! The Mammoth Demon Fish Which Resides in the School Yard!!
19 Continuous Tearing Up! Pursuit of Strongest Love Pair
20 Time Slip Into the Past! I`d Seen it, Nube`s Secret!!
21 Clash With the Gods! I Should Receive Punishment!!
22 Someone is Behind You! The Frightening Spiritual Photographs!!
23 Mystery of 00:00:00!? Parallel Mirrors of the Seven Mysteries
24 The Devilish D-cup!! The Legend of the Crow`s Love
25 The Panic of Happiness! The Zashiki Warashi Who Disappeared Between Tears
26 The Birth of a Terrifying 2nd Generation!! Mama`s a Demon, Papa`s a Teacher!
27 The Dangerous Part-time Job of Spiritualism, Izuna, the Girl Who is Able to Control Spirited Animals
28 Extremely Strange X-mas... the Kesaran-pasaran of Happiness
29 The All-star Demons Appearance! The Cursed School Festival
30 The Terror After Class! The Running Ninomiya Kinjirou Statue!!
31 The Terror of the Eye-ball Demon Which Cannot be Told to Anyone!! The Crime of the Violinist Prodigy
32 And Then Everyone Starts to Disappear! The Mysterious Red-clothed Girl in the Library!!
33 Appears Shoukera on the Window! Ritsuko-sensei`s Maximum Crisis
34 The Past of the Interdiction Which is Now Revealed! The Secret of the Birth of the Demon`s Claw!!
35 Daidarabochi is My Cautive! Miki-chan`s Dream Town!!
36 The Midnight Secret Lesson! The Dangerous Allurement of the Music Room!!
37 The Things I Left Behind 20 Years Ago!? The Blood-stained Notebook!!
38 Eh! Rival`s First Date? Yukime`s Long and Hot Day!!
39 Vengeance from the Abyss of Death! Has It Come Out? The Secret of the Union Between the Demon and th
40 The Sailor Suit Burns! Unable to Hide Emotions of the Heart!!
41 Want to Become Friends... The Mysterious Classmate, the Melodic Consciousness
42 My Mother is a 4-year Old Child?! The Memory of the Previous Life
43 Yukime Dies!! Love Disappears with the Snow Crystal...
44 Not Recommended for Kids, the Prohibited Hundred Ghost Stories
45 Dream? Fantasy? The Revival of My Sweetheart Yukime, Why do You Want to Take My Life!!
46 The Heroines Who were Attacked! The Exciting Bathroom Panic!!
47 The Strongest! The Biggest! The Last Enemy, the Name is... the God of Poverty!!
48 Forever Dream!! Our Favourite Nube!
49 Complete Unedited Edition!! Hell Teacher Nube`s Super Encyclopedia