Kanojo ga Flag o Oraretara | If Her Flag Breaks Staffel 1

Hatate Souta ist der einzige Überlebende von einem tragischen Schiffsunglück. Nun kann er kleine Fahnen über den Köpfen der Menschen sehen, die Scheidewege in deren Leben darstellen. Gesegnet mit dieser Fähigkeit wechselte er an eine bekannte Elite-Schule in Tokyo und statt, wie geplant, allein im Jungsquartier zu wohnen, findet er sich plötzlich von hübschen, jungen Damen umrundet!


Anime-Romance Comedy Fantasy School Harem


2014 - 2014


Keine Angabe


Hoods Entertainment


Ayumu Watanabe


Kazuki Ayasaki

1 I'm Going to Marry Her, Once I Leave This School
2 Girls are in the Dorm. But I can't say it yet. Wait Until Tomorrow.
3 Leave it to Me, There is a 99.9% Chance We're Going to Win This Athletic Meet
4 The Goal is Close. The Sports Festival Will Thus be Over Too
5 Please believe me while waiting. I won't be late on a date with everyone
6 Phew... You scared me there. Good thing it's only my little sister
7 I've Learned Something I Wasn't Meant to Know. I Need to Hide Myself Before I Disappear Without a Tr
8 I`ll Catch Up to You. Have I Ever Broken a Promise to You Before?
9 Someday, It`d Be Nice If We Could All Go to a Festival Together Again
10 Please Hold On to This. The Name of the Beauty Pageant Winner is Written On It
11 We Don`t All Have to Dance. I Can Dance by Myself
12 It`s a Cruel World. I`m Going to Take a Look in the Shadows.
13 If His Flag Breaks