Polar Bear Cafe Staffel 1

Shirokuma Café ist ein Gag-Manga, in dessen Handlung ein Pandabär und ein Pinguin als Stammgäste ein Café besuchen, welches von einem Polarbär geführt wird.


Anime Comedy


Unbekannt - Unbekannt


Keine Angabe


Studio Pierrot


Masuhara Mitsuyuki


Hosokawa Tooru

1 Welcome to Polar Bear's Café
2 Panda-kun's Employment
3 Everyone's Café
4 The Café's Flower Viewing Party
5 Polar Bear at the Zoo
6 Panda's Anguish
7 Obsessed with Smartphones
8 Super Fun Driving Lesson
9 Panda Gets Enthusiastic
10 Everyone's Parfait
11 Panda's Diet
12 Strive for It! Wild Panda
13 Mr Handa's Remodeling Plan
14 The Great Love Love Driving Operation
15 A Magazine Interview Comes By
16 Salmon Hunter: Mr. Grizzly
17 Rin Rin Deeply Moved! Panda's House!
18 Mr. Penguin's Confession
19 Mr. Handa's Blind Date?
20 Mr. Handa's Blind Date!
21 Mr. Penguin's Broken Heart
22 Panda's Night Out
23 Panda, Tired of Boredom
24 Panda's Advice Room for Troubles
25 Tanabata Decorations
26 Panda's Wish
27 Enthusiastic Polar Bear
28 Let's Go to the Beach!
29 Weeding in the Summer
30 Mr. Penguin's Romance
31 Mr. Grizzly Goes On an Adventure
32 A Strange Restaurant
33 Let's Go Camping!
34 Rin Rin and the High School Girl
35 The Cafe's Ghost Stories
36 Panda Runs Away from Home
37 There Are Many Kinds of Penguins
38 What Is Baisen!?
39 The Ideal Single Life
40 Summer Festival
41 Panda Is No Longer a Panda
42 Mei Mei's Prince
43 Sales Penguin
44 Mr. Penguin's Picnic
45 Mr. Handa's Discussion
46 Panda Mama's Daily Life
47 Panda's Apprenticeship
48 A Sports Day Filled with Animals
49 Mr. Penguin's Hobbies
50 Their Childhood Days