Re:Creators | Re Creators Staffel 1

Schon vor Urzeiten haben Geschichten die Menschen in Freude, Trauer, Angst und Wut versetzt. Doch was ist mit den Charakteren innerhalb der Erzählungen: Was ist, wenn sie einen eigenen Willen besitzen? Sehen sie die Menschen als göttlich an, da diese ihre Geschichte in die Welt tragen? Die Welt verändert sich, eine Strafe könnte schon bald das Reich der Götter erschüttern. Denn in Re:Creators hat jeder die Möglichkeit, ein Schöpfer zu werden.


Anime-Isekai Action Science-Fiction Abenteuer Fantasy


2017 - 2017


Keine Angabe




Ei Aoki


Ei Aoki, Rei Hiroe

1 The Wonderful Voyage
2 That Wasn't Funny
3 Don't Worry About What Others Said Just Be Yourself
4 If So, I Want to Protect What He Loved
5 So, Why Don`t We Have Ourselves a Guys` Night Out?
6 You Are the One Who Knows Where Justice Lies
7 I Don't Want to Make a Mistake for the Sake of the People Who Are in My Story
8 I Chose This Way of Life.
9 The World Requires Choice and Resolution
10 We Know Exactly How You Think and How You're Fighting
11 We Cannot Decide Where We Go but You Can
12 Be Desperate and Draw Something Fascinating
13 An Unpredictable Story That no One knows...
14 I Feel Painful and So Useless That I Want to Cry but It`s Fun Nevertheless
15 This Is Perfect! She Couldn't Have Been Any More Perfect!
16 This Is the Actual Beginning, Isn`t It?
17 I Mean I`m the Creator
18 As Long as We`re Alive, We Have to Enjoy Our Lives to the Fullest.
19 The Story Continues, As Long as There Is Someone out There, Who Believes in My Existence.
20 Somebody Receives the Power of Creation, and the Spirit Is Redeveloped from Their Passion.
21 I Love You Too.
22 Re:Creators