Renkin San-kyuu Magical? Pokaan | Magical Pokan Staffel 1

Vier Prinzessinnen, Uma, die Hexe, Pachira, die Vampirin, Liru, die Werwölfin, und Aiko, die Androidin, kommen aus einem magischen Land und reisen aus unbestimmten Gründen zur Erde. Da sie sich der Umgebung noch nicht angepasst haben, werden die Vier immer wieder in prekäre Situationen mit ihrer Umwelt verwickelt.


Anime Comedy Anime-Ecchi


2006 - 2006


Keine Angabe




Yatagai Ken`ichi


Ide Yasunori

1 The First Spell Is an Easy Trap / The Afternoon Spell Is a Red Cub
2 The Spell of the Moon Is a Blood Pedigree / The Make-believe Spell Is TV Shopping
3 Tomorrow`s Spell Is a Blood Donation of Love / The Spell of Happiness Is an Ideal Man
4 The Secret Spell Is a Storm Front / The Spell of Relativity Is Tanabata, the Star Festival
5 A Tiring Spell Is a Trip to the Beach / Love`s Spell Is a Trip to the Beach
6 The Spell of Rebirth Is a Search Through Hell / A Healing Spell Is a Park Debut
7 A Richly-Flavoured Spell Is the Night of the Full Moon / A Combining Spell Is the Invincible Robot,
8 Tonight`s Spell Is a Vampire / The Spell of Dreams Is Magic That Lasts Only One Day
9 The Spell of Breaching Is Inviting a Love Interest Home / The White Spell Is Christmas
10 A Cold Spell Is Snowboarding and Skiing / A Hot Spell Is a Natural Hot Spring
11 The Spell of Reticence is Having Fun with English Conversation / A Pinch Spell is the Other Side of
12 A Sorrowful Spell Is When One Is Transformed by Memories / A Kind Spell Is a Magician