Saiyuuki | Saiyuki Staffel 1

Menschen und Dämonen, Wissenschaft und Magie ... sie alle verbringen ihre Tage in friedlicher Koexistenz auf einem Kontinent frei von Regeln und Einschränkungen - Shangri-La. Doch diese Balance wurde zerstört, als die Minuswelle alle Dämonen des Kontinents in wilde Rage versetzte und das Ereignis auslöste, welches man später als "Die Verheerung" kennen sollte.

S01 = Saiyuki | S02 - Reload | S03 = Gunlock | S04 - Reload Blast | S05 Reload Zeroin


Anime Action Drama Comedy Abenteuer


2000 - 2022


Keine Angabe


Studio Pierrot


Date Hayato, Endou Tetsuya, Hideaki Nakano


Endou Tetsuya, Sumisawa Katsuyuki, Yokote Michiko

1 Go to the West: To the Distant West
2 First Game: A Guide to the Nether World
3 His God, My God: Where the Gods Are
4 Crimson: Crimson Tears
5 Pure Assassin: A Beautiful Assassin
6 Rancorous Exchange: Unnatural Talismanic Monk
7 Good Night: A Twilight Farewell
8 Confront: The Man Who Foretells Death
9 Lethal Trap: Fight Party
10 Fake the Face: False Savior
11 Tragic Revenge: The Laughing Grim Reaper
12 Wandering Destiny: Battle Against the Darkness
13 Crude Counterfeit: Fruit That Summons Death
14 Sweet Client: Their Promise
15 Fated Guys: The Binding Spell of Crimson
16 Be There: An Ode to the Living
17 Eden: An Eternal Promise
18 Vice or Justice: The Truth of Justice
19 Don`t Go Alone: Maidens of Sorrow
20 Sandstorm: The Quicksand Trap
21 Selfish: Berserking Towards Destruction
22 Devastation: The End of Battle
23 Scapegoat: The Price of Submission
24 Mother: Crimson Bond
25 Tomfool! Tomboy! Horrifying Assassins!
26 Calling: The Cry That Does Not Reach
27 Advent: The War Prince Descends
28 Lonely War: The Launch of a Rebellion
29 Unexpected Defeat: The Fall of Houtou Castle
30 Undertaker: An Invitation to Hell
31 Ambition: The Arrogance of the Gods
32 Fake Star Strike Back: The Pride of Clowns
33 Faraway Dream: Dried Up Tears
34 Second Contact: The War Prince Once Again
35 Solitude: Solitary Soul
36 Brotherhood: Crimson Flower
37 Taciturnity: The Smile That Was Locked Away
38 Fleeting Vision: Unfulfilled Promise
39 Misty Rain: Rain
40 Twilight: The Irate Sun
41 Collage: Quiet Expulsion
42 Festival: Unforgettable View
43 Tears: False Town
44 Plunderer: Scripture Stolen
45 Glorious Days: Before Dawn
46 Chaos: The Trembling Earth
47 Guilty or Not Guilty: Kaizai
48 Absolutely Heaven: Door to Freedom
49 Missing Desire: Shining Paradise
50 Alone: Westward