Shadowverse Staffel 2

Eines Tages findet der junge Hiiro Ryugasaki ein seltsames Smartphone, auf dem das beliebte Kartenspiel Shadowverse vorinstalliert ist. Als er es in die Hand nimmt, registriert es ihn plötzlich wie von selbst als seinen Besitzer. Dies ist der Anfang von vielen heißen Kämpfen, in denen er auf neue Rivalen treffen wird, an großen Turnieren teilnimmt und neue starke Bande mit seinen Freunden schmiedet. Shadowverse bietet ihm jede Menge neue Erfahrungen, die ihn alle dazu bringen, sich stetig weiterzuentwickeln.


Anime Fantasy


2020 - Unbekannt


Keine Angabe




Keiichiro Kawaguchi


Deko Akao, Rintaro Isaki


To Me, You Are...

1. My Shadowverse Starts Here!
2. This Is My Brilliant Plan!
3. I Can Tell Because We Battled!
4. Lady & Gentleman
5. Do Me a Favor
6. Courage Will Always Give You Strength!
7. That's My Strength!
8. Expectations Are a Curse
9. Show Me Your Battle!
10. There's No Point in Getting Serious
11. I Don't Want Your Understanding...
12. That's What Makes Shadowverse Fun!
13. Only the Strong Survive in Shadowverse!
14. What You Lack Is Inevitability!
15. Battle in a Way That's True to Yourself!
16. I'll Show You Real Shadowverse!
17. I Want Shadowverse to Excite Me!
18. My Rhythm Is the Heartbeat of a Devil!
19. I have My Own Ace in the Hole!
20. That's What Makes It So Fun!
21. If You Can't Surpass Me, There's No Point
22. I've Finally Found You!
23. You Can't Surpass the King!
24. You're Dense, Aren't You?
25. So This Is Your True Form?
26. The Shadowverse Club
27. I'm Not Who I Used to Be!
28. I'm Everybody's Senpai, Too!
29. I'll Show You the Person I Want to Be!
30. It Doesn't Feel Bad
31. I'll Show You the Strength of a Flower that Blooms in the Fields!
32. You're Going to Despair, Too!
33. Now I'm Strong Enough to Reach You!
34. It's a Resort, Everybody!
35. Let's Make Memories Together!
36. To Me, It's All a Game!
37. I'll Give You Fulfillment!
38. Come Unto Us!
39. This is the True Power of the Joubert Sisters!
40. Why Do You Get Stronger?
41. This is Our New Power!
42. I'll Take this One Step With All My Might!
43. Some Sights Can Only Be Seen Alone!
44. I'll Light Up Your Future
45. I've Got High Hopes For You
46. Heroes Are For Little Kids!
47. Still, I'll Stay True to Myself!
48. That Dazzling Light Will Someday Fade
49. To Me, You Are...
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