Sousei no Onmyouji | Twin Star Exorcists Staffel 1

Rokuro träumt davon, alles Mögliche zu werden, solange es nichts mit Exorzisten zu tun hat. Diese Einstellung behält er bei, bis eines Tages die geheimnisvolle Benio erscheint. Das Paar hört nun auf den Namen "Zwillingsstern Exorzisten" und wurde vom Schicksal dazu auserwählt, zu heiraten ... Kann Rokuro seinem Schicksal entrinnen? Als schließlich Rokuros bester Freund Ryogo verschwindet, bleibt ihm keine andere Wahl, als Benio um Hilfe zu bitten. Gemeinsam sollen sie Magano, das Reich der bösen "Unreinheiten", betreten, um Rokuros besten Freund zu retten.


Anime Action Fantasy


2016 - Unbekannt


Keine Angabe


Studio Pierrot


Tomohisa Taguchi


Yoshiaki Sukeno

1 The Destined Two: Boy meets Girl
2 Intersection of Twin Stars: A Fateful Fight
3 Differing Intentions: A Hero's Worth
4 The Sound of Magano: Bothersome Twosome
5 Twelve Guardians, Vermillion Bird: The Guardian Shimon
6 Girls Party: Benio and Mayura
7 A New Trial: Unbelievable Game
8 Rokuro's Feelings: Shocking Confession
9 Intertwining Tragedies: Tragedy Comes With Smile
10 Subaru's Training: The Bewitching Guardian
11 Do Your Best, Newlyweds: Fantastic Moments
12 Give me a Break: Basara Boy Kamui
13 Your Courage, My Courage: Zero Millimeters Apart
14 Yukata's Stars and Wishes: Tanabata Special
15 Goodbye to Being Alone: The Awakening of Love
16 As an Exorcist: Salvation Then Wailing
17 The Red Emblem Master Gave Me: New Talisman From Master
18 On the Eve of Battle: Triumph Over Fear
19 Both Sin and Impurity: The 10 Seconds Decision
20 Our Path: To the Future with Us Two
21 Rebirth of the Twin Stars: Sweetie Fairy
22 It's Impure, Y'know? - Philosophical Filthy Seraphim
23 Westward, Twin Stars: Hard To Be Mother
24 The Kegare's Dream - What Is Beautiful?
25 Celestial Avatar - Come Back! Southpaw
26 Twin Stars VS Twins - Basara Twins' Strings
27 Mayura-chan's Secret - Mayura's Secret Lesson
28 Unomiya Tenma - Transcendence
29 A Promise with Sae - Missing Exorcist Master
30 Forever Smiling - Lovely Smile Forever
31 Because I'm With You - Wai Wa Kinako Ya!
32 Into Chaos - Seeking the Past, Seeking the Future
33 The Master Repays a Favor - I Want You To Eat Me
34 The Greatest Duo?! - Wachi vs Washi & Watashi
35 The Puppeteer's Revenge - I Am Not Alone
36 What Must Be Protected - What Is Really Important?
37 Spirits Soaring in the City of Romance - Tell Me Honest Feelings
38 Narukami's Most Ill-Fated Day - No Way To Run, No Place To Hide
39 The Sacred Beast of Love - Daughter's Fight! Father's Delight
40 Twin Stars' Hearts Dance - Finally They Kissed?
41 The Twelve Guardians Fall! - Have A Nice Nightmare, 12 Guardians
42 I Come from Magano - Say It Ain't So, Rokuro!
43 The Millennial Dream - Melancholic Misanthrope
44 Distanced Despite Their Love - Farewell, My Precious
45 The Couple Alone - Lonely Twin Exorcist
46 Yuto - Destiny
47 Benio - Positive
48 Unity - Solidarity
49 Revival - Restoration
50 Twin Stars - Twins