Starry☆Sky | Starry Sky Staffel 1

Tsukiko ist auf einer Schule eingeschrieben worden, die bis vor kurzem eine reine Jungenschule war. Da die Schule in einer ländlichen Gegend liegt und einen exklusiven Lehrplan führt, hat das dazu geführt, dass Tsukiko das einzige Mädchen ist, das bis jetzt eingeschrieben ist. Wie wird sich Tsukiko auf der neuen Schule machen und wird sie mit den ganzen Jungen zurecht kommen?


Anime Romantik


2010 - 2011


Keine Angabe


Frontier Works, Studio Deen


Kiyoko Sayama


Keine Angabe

1 So, I've Always Looked at the Sky Since Then, While I Think of You Far Away
2 Merci. Je t'aime
3 I burn important moments deep into my eyes so I won’t forget them
4 I’m having fun. In this time we’re all spending
5 I want to protect my important person, By my hand.
6 I'll be your side, Until you stop crying.
7 Everyone around me was being sad??
8 Yes, It's what I want to Protect.
9 ――I'm Vulnerable to Pressure
10 Pull the Bow for Yourself
11 The pure and beautiful…I want to hurt them
12 I thought meeting her was nothing more than an ordinary encounter
13 To Me, There is Something I want to Protect――
14 Just Staying By Your Side Is Enough, That’s What I Thought
15 I Love This Job
16 Until That Day, I Always Thought Youth was Worthless
17 That Time, My Life Has Greatly Begun to Change
18 If I Know The Happiness Of Being Called By My Name, I Can’t Bear The Sadness Of Not Being Called
19 No Matter How Painful a Memory is, It is a Treasure to Me
20 The More Precious a Certain Time is For Me, The More it Slips Away From Me
21 I Want to Meet a Hard-Working Specialist
22 I Did Not Know the Pleasure of Doing Something This Way with Friends. The Joy of Working Together...
23 Something Like Being a Genius Doesn't Matter to Me
24 I Didn't Know Something Like a Strongly Shining Color Exists
25 The Future has Stopped. Fate was Invisible to the Future
26 The Variety of Seasons are Over