Tantei Gakuen Q | Detective School Q Staffel 1

In Detective Academy Q geht es um die Q Klasse der Dan Detective School und wie die Schüler dieser Klasse verschiedene Detektiv Fälle löst. Um auf dieser Schule aufgenommen zu werden, müssen die angehenden Schüler erst einmal einige schwere Tests hinter sich bringen. Selbst später müssen die Schüler dieser Q Klasse ständig ihre Fähigkeiten erneut beweisen, um auch weiterhin in der von dem Gründer Dan Morihiko persönlich unterrichteten Klasse zu bleiben
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Anime Drama Comedy Mystery


2003 - 2004


Keine Angabe


Studio Pierrot


Abe Noriyuki


Hayashi Makoto

1 Awaken! The Best Detective in the World!!
2 A First Step to Dreams - The Entrance Exam Trap
3 Final Exam! The Stretched-Around Trap
4 An Intent to Kill at the School Entrance Ceremony! School Bomb Threat
5 Crack the Code!? A Message from the Deceased
6 The Perfect 1000-Witness Alibi
7 The Jigsaw-Puzzle Will
8 The Pretty-Boy Detective! He Appears at Last!!
9 Showdown! The Cutthroat Who Crossed Through Time!!
10 The Beautiful Boy Genius - Exposing the Perfect Mystery Room
11 The Final Deciding Match! The Truth about Q Class!!
12 A Curse Breaks Out!? The Seance Murder Case
13 Evil spirit in the locked room! The unstoppable murders
14 An announcement from the spiritual world! The forbidden truth!!
15 30 meters under water. The case of the Underwater Locked Room Murder
16 Class rivalry! Battle of the vanishing person
17 The unexplored region leads to death! - Legend of Kamikakushi Village
18 Defining Moment! Corpse Disappearing into the Sky
19 The Revelation of Death!! You`re Next!!
20 It Comes to Light! The Masked High Priest - Crimes and Lies!!
21 The Last Mysterious Disappearance! There`s Only One Answer
22 Dinner of the Dead
23 The Train Alibi
24 The Cursed Idol
25 An Old Enemy! Pluto
26 Megu is being targeted
27 The Lost Dragon
28 SOS from the Underground Prison
29 Collector of Killers
30 Broadcast of the Campus of Death
31 Tragic on the Net
32 The Beauties Detective Squad
33 Mystery of the Home Economics Classroom
34 The Curse that Disappeared
35 Bomb of the Terrifying Gem
36 The Murder Case of the Illusionary House
37 Rhythm of the Death God
38 Homicide Concerto
39 The Death March of Friendship
40 Duel! The Headless Woman
41 Murder Case of the Maya Princess
42 Village of the Traitor
43 Ryu`s Determination
44 Dan Morihiko, Kidnapped!
45 The Future Detective