Tokyo Mew Mew Staffel 1

Auf dem Heimweg von einem Date mit ihrem Schwarm Masaya Aoyama trifft Ichigo Momomiya auf 4 Mädchen in ihrem Alter. Bei einem Erdbeben verschmelzen die 5 auf seltsame Weise mit Genen bedrohter Tierarten. Nach diesem Unfall hat Ichigo die Fähigkeit einer Iriomote-Wildkatze. Im rosa Kampfdress und mit Katzenohren ausgestattet, muss sie fortan gegen Chimären (von Alien-Parasiten befallene Tiere) antreten. Mit ihren 4 Mitstreiterinnen ist sie für die Sicherheit der Erde verantwortlich…


Anime Comedy Romantik


2002 - 2003


Keine Angabe


Studio Pierrot, TV Aichi


Keine Angabe


Keine Angabe


The last fight! I believe in your smile

1. Becoming A Cat! The Girl In Love And Ally Of Justice
2. A New Comrade - Justice Lies In A Real Lady
3. To Find A Ghost`s True Identity
4. Tearful Date - A Secret I Can`t Tell Aoyama-kun
5. Stormy Rhythmic Gymnastics - Becoming a shiny star by a cat`s dance
6. The Piano Of The Heart - It`s The Heart-pounding Dance Party!
7. Enter Pudding - The Ears And Tail Are Part Of The Act!
8. To The Hot Spring! The Mysterious Mountain`s Miracle Of Love
9. Dearly Beloved Brother - The Memories Lie In The Picture
10. The Last Member - The Legendary Lonely Wolf
11. The Heart To Believe - All Five Makes Tokyo Mew Mew
12. Identity Revealed - An Out Of Season Cherry Tree Falls Away
13. Intersecting Hearts - Aoyama-kun Is Targeted
14. Akasaka`s Secret - A Tale Of Sad Love
15. A Little Hero Masha - Friendship At The Risk Of His Life
16. Lettuce`s Love - Longing In The Library
17. The Knight In Blue - I Will Protect You!
18. Mid-Summer`s Love - Ichigo`s Swaying Heart
19. The Power Of Kindness - O Wish, Come True Deep In The Sea
20. Memories Of Mother - Onee-chan Is In Trouble
21. Sparks Of The Heart - Ichigo And Mint At Odds
22. Farewell Summer - Ichigo`s Longest Day
23. Sudden Love! Accept Girl`s Hearts!
24. A Mysterious Gem: Brilliance Is Within You!
25. Love Hurdle - Many Obstacles To Ichigo`s Love
26. Stop Time! Overwhelmed With Sentimental Feeling
27. I Love You - Aoyama-kun`s Shocking Declaration
28. Cat panic - The Key To The Mystery Is Her K.I.S.S.
29. A Forbidden Love? I Can Understand Cats ~nyan!
30. Be Honest! Unspoken Love In The Crystal Ball
31. Father`s back, One-game Match for Ichigo!
32. Princess Fight - The hero can`t be bought for money
33. A Fiance Appears. Puddings`s Fated Marriage?!
34. The Most Important Matter - The Ability To Trust In Someone
35. Don`t Cry, Lonely Little Zakuro
36. Shirogane`s Past: the Secret of the Mew Mews` Birth!
37. The Shining Tear: Celebrating Christmas with just the Two of Us
38. Miracle of the Holy Night: No Secrets Anymore
39. The Stolen Dream: Sweet Trap of the Lavender
40. Two Becoming Friends? Pudding in Imminent Danger!
41. The Wind Brings Happiness - A Heartfelt Prayer
42. Zakuro`s Dilemma: Only Four Mew Mews Now?
43. Friend or Foe? Fight, Oneesama!
44. The City Turns into a Forest! What Protects Ichigo`s Smile
45. The Riddle Dissolves! The Truth about the Blue Knight
46. New Reinforcement: Protect the Earth Together
47. The Power of Love! I Will Protect Aoyama-kun!
48. The Labyrinth of the Alternate Dimension! Kisshu`s Gamble!
49. The Awakening of Blue: Another Appearance
50. Ichigo`s trial! I`m a Mew Mew
51. The last fight! I believe in your smile
52. For the future of the Earth, at your service -nyan!
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