Yawara! | A Fashionable Judo Girl Staffel 1

Eigentlich wäre Yawara Inokuma nur eine ganz normale Oberschülerin … Naja, nicht ganz – sie wächst bei ihrem Großvater, dem Judo-Meister Jigorou Inokuma, auf und ist Japans große Hoffnung für den Wettkampf im Damen-Judo bei den Olympischen Spielen 1992 in Barcelona. Was sich Yawara sehnlichst wünscht, ist es aber ein ganz normales Leben zu führen …


Anime-Sport Action Drama Comedy Romantik School


1989 - 1992


Keine Angabe




Tokita Hiroko


Inoue Toshiki

1 Aim For Barcelona! The Young Girl Will Be The Winner Of The National Achievement Award!!
2 I`ve Found Yawara`s Rival! She`s The Ultimate Young Lady!!
3 Enter Kazamatsuri. What A Shame That She Is Infatuated With Love
4 This Is My Strategy To Make Yawara Take Part In A Real Match!
5 Finally the Real Fight! Judo is Not Built in a Day, Jya!
6 Finally Pictured! The Big Scoop Of The Century That Will Bring On A Storm, Jya!!
7 Hohohoh! The Yawara Boom That Shakes Japan, Jya!
8 Enough Of Judo! I`m Going To Be In A Match
9 Yawara`s Debut Match! An Ippon Victory Before You Even Know It Happened, Jya!
10 An Ippon-Zeoi With My Mom! The 90`s Is Yawara`s Era, jya!
11 A Big Uproar At High School With The Yawara Fame!
12 Coach Yawara`s Extracurricular Lesson!
13 Yawara`s Heart Shook in Hayama!
14 Yawara`s date has so much surveillance!
15 A Challenge to Yawara Over Love!
16 Yawara`s National Martial Arts Hall Debut!
17 Yawara`s Love Message
18 The Decisive Battle! Yawara vs. Sayaka
19 Jigoro, His Love, and Youth`s Raging Storms
20 The Big Guest for Yawara
21 Yawara and the Blue-eyed House Guest
22 Let`s Fight, Yawara!
23 See You Again, Yawara
24 Yawara`s Personal Tutor is a Love Expert
25 Love, Exam Studies, and Yawara`s Feelings
26 A Shocking Invitation For Yawara!
27 Yawara and the Love Square
28 The Madonna of my Youth, Yawara
29 The Other One-Sided Love
30 The Lonely Ippon Zeoi
31 The Present on Entrance Exam Day
32 A Stormy Time at the Exam Results
33 Aim for the All-Japan Tournament
34 The Stage Contest of the Rivals
35 The Miss` Tenacity
36 Ah, Hanazono! The Tearful Graduation
37 Jigoro`s Love, a Tumultuous Pure Love Story
38 The Heartful Excitement of Women`s College Life
39 Blue Night Yokohama
40 Fujiko-san`s Secret!
41 The Part-time Job For a Day
42 Ippon Zeoi at the Disco!
43 Free Weight Class is the only way for Yawara!
44 Selected Athletes Announced Tonight!
45 After the World cup ends...
46 Raising the Curtain! World Cup
47 Uncertain! Japan`s Female Judo!!
48 The Open-weight Campions
49 Yawara vs Queen Belkens
50 In order to fight Yawara...
51 The letter from Kojirou
52 Death Hold! Tereshkova`s Battle
53 Matsuda`s Interview Monopoly
54 Highlights 1: Everything started from that moment
55 Highlights 2: Came, Watched, Won ! The World`s Number 1 Judo Girl!! (In Episode 54 enthalten)
56 I... Am Quiting Judo!
57 Fujiko-san`s decision
58 The letter from Canada
59 The Last Ippon Seoinage!?
60 Japan`s Weakest Judo Club
61 The Extreme Training Program!
62 Dangerous Debut Battle