Young Sheldon Staffel 5

Das neunjährige Genie Sheldon Cooper (Iain Armitage) wächst in Ost-Texas bei einer sehr wertkonservativen Familie auf. Seine Mutter Mary (Zoe Perry) hält die Bibel in hohen Ehren und folgt einer wörtlichen Auslegung, was im Laufe der Zeit stark mit Sheldons wissenschaftlicher Weltsicht kollidiert. Außerdem im Haus: Sheldons Vater George (Lance Barber) sowie seine Zwillingsschwester Missy (Raegan Revord) und der ältere Bruder George Jr. (Montana Jordan).


Sitcom Comedy


2017 - Unbekannt


Doc Farrow, Iain Armitage, Lance Barber, Montana Jordan, Wyatt McClure und 1 weiterer


Chuck Lorre, Eric Norsoph, Jon Favreau, Todd Spiewak


Jaffar Mahmood, Jon Favreau, Michael Zinberg


Chuck Lorre, Steven Molaro


White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching People

1. One Bad Night and Chaos of Selfish Desires
2. Snoopin' Around and the Wonder Twins of Atheism
3. Potential Energy and Hooch on a Park Bench
4. Pish Posh and a Secret Back Room
5. Stuffed Animals and a Sweet Southern Syzygy
6. Money Laundering and a Cascade of Hormones
7. An Introduction to Engineering and a Glob of Hair Gel
8. The Grand Chancellor and a Den of Sin
9. The Yips and an Oddly Hypnotic Bohemian
10. An Expensive Glitch and a Goof-Off Room
11. A Lock-In, a Weather Girl and a Disgusting Habit
12. A Pink Cadillac and a Glorious Tribal Dance
13. A Lot of Band-Aids and the Cooper Surrender
14. A Free Scratcher and Feminine Wiles
15. A Lobster, an Armadillo and a Way Bigger Number
16. A Suitcase Full of Cash and a Yellow Clown Car
17. A Solo Peanut, a Social Butterfly and the Truth
18. Babies, Lies and a Resplendent Cannoli
19. A God-Fearin' Baptist and a Hot Trophy Husband
20. Uncle Sheldon and a Hormonal Firecracker
21. White Trash, Holy Rollers and Punching People
22. A Clogged Pore, a Little Spanish and the Future
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